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simply barebc organic lime mijito pre-roll1 x 0.5 g7.99sativa0.527.20.0581060078bc organic lime mi'jito is a fvopa certified, sativa-leaning flower that is a cross of limegerian x orange blossom trail cultivars. the strong lime aromas are complemented by floral and earthy undertones. grown in living soil, hang-dried for 14 days, cold-cured and non-irradiated. the whole bud is milled and rolled with 100% organic hemp papers, finished by hand. it has a terpene profile of beta-myrcene, caryophyllene, and terpinolene.organicn sativa-dominant strain with strong lime aromas.pre-roll110singles to triplesy
good budsmango cake pre-rolls2 x 0.5 g8.99sativa125.020.07111051465bred in-house, bc organic mango cake is an exotic dessert cross of good buds’ original mango taffie strain with wedding cake. it leads with classic mango taffie smells of juicy mango sweetness with a gassy afterburn, followed by with sweet vanilla frosting undertones from the wedding cake. the dry pull tastes like ripe mangoes and orange zest, with a creamy cake dough mouthfeel on the exhale. grown in small batches in living organic soils, each batch of mango cake is hand harvested, hang dried, hand trimmed, and hand packed using artisanal slow-cure methods.two high-thc, sativa-dominant pre-rolls offering sweet mango flavour with creamy vanilla undertones.pre-roll110singles to triplesy
mtl cannabisstrawberry n' mintz3 x 0.5 g12.99sativa1.524.60.0771048636mtl cannabis strawberry n' mintz has flowers with complex greens, interspersed with hints of red and orange. there is a thick layer of frosty trichomes that glisten. the main terpenes, myrcene, caryophyllene, help deliver a fresh berry flavor on the inhale, giving off an earthy, minty finish on the exhale.three-pack of half-gram pre-rolls with an earthy, minty finish on the exhale.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
tantalus labspetrocan pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g13.99sativa1.526.20.12341043793petrocan is a bc-grown, gassed-up sativa-dominant hybrid (60% sativa, 40% indica), crafted by tantalus labs. it’s a cross also known as chem de la chem, consisting of chemdawg and i-95, known for its high-octane potency. chemdawg has become a favoured parent for breeding powerful strains. petrocan lives up to its name as a notably sticky flower that has a subtly sweet yet unique fuel aroma with spicy, herbal undertones. it has a terpene profile of beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and selinadienes.sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet, fuel aroma with spicy, herbal undertones.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
all nationssto:lo haze pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g15.99sativa1.532.980.0771048719explore the refreshing and boosting terpenes from super silver haze crossed with the cozy body high of northern lights. these buds are light green in colour with a frosty coating of trichomes, giving off aromas of earth, citrus and spice. produced on stó:l? traditional territory, weaving indigenous practices with craft cultivation methods.aromas of earth, citrus and spice.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
mtl cannabissage n' sour pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g15.99sativa1.528.60.0561048628mtl cannabis sage n' sour is a classic sativa cross of sour diesl and s.a.g.e. and over 1% cbg. the unique terpene profile delivers a pungent cedar and citrus aroma with a flavourful smoke of pepper and gas.three-pack of half-gram (0.5g) classic sativa cross pre-rolls with cbg.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
victoria cannabis companypomelo skunk pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g15.99sativa1.525.20.0941062903bred by vancouver island's lantzville genetics, this unique flower combines 2 legendary cultivars: rockstar and citrique. leaning way more to the equatorial exotic side, this flower bursts with orange, lemon, and fuel notes (terpenes include terpinolene, beta pinene, and beta myrcene). flowering for 9 weeks, she was then whole plant hung dried and then hand trimmed. the final step was a 40 day cold cure before being hand packaged for maximum trichome retention.unique flower composed of rockstar and citrique with notes of citrus and fuel.pre-roll110singles to triplesnnone
carmelanimal face pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g17.99sativa1.527.080.0723newbred by seed junky genetics in california, animal face is an ultra-potent, flavourful sativa-dominant hybrid created through crossing the face off og clone and animal mints male. our version of animal face was selected out of 100 different phenos, not only for its high potency and terpene profile, but also because of its unique flavours of lemon and cake. top terpenes include limonene, linalool, and myrcene. pre-rolls are only made with whole flower and are rolled into unbleached slim cones and packaged into a glass tube with cork.pack of three high-thc, sativa-dominant hybrid pre-rolls with lemon cake flavour.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
sitka weed worksbruce banner pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g17.99sativa1.524.260.07191032879high-thc, sativa-dominant pre-rolls with a terpene profile of beta-caryophyllene, beta-myrcene, and limonene.high-thc, sativa-dominant pre-rolls.pre-roll110singles to triplesnnone
broken coastamnesia haze pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g18.99sativa1.526.840.08211041599amnesia haze is everything broken coast thinks a true sativa should be. uplifting lemon and citrus notes accompanied by energetic spice, earth and zesty aromas from its distinct terpene profile that stays true to her landrace sativa origins. this sativa marvel should satisfy even the most discerning with its lime green buds and delicate texture that is so thickly covered in oily trichomes that you may have trouble letting go. always grown indoors in small-batch, strain-specific rooms, then slowly hang cured.uplifting lemon and citrus sativa accompanied by energetic spice, earth and zesty aromas.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
simply barebc organic lime mi'jito pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g21.99sativa1.525.90.49331044221bc organic lime mi'jito is a fvopa certified, sativa-leaning flower that is a cross of limegerian x orange blossom trail cultivars. the strong lime aromas are complemented by floral and earthy undertones. grown in living soil, hang-dried for 14 days, cold-cured and non-irradiated. the whole bud is milled and rolled with 100% organic hemp papers, finished by hand. it has a terpene profile of beta-myrcene, caryophyllene, and terpinolene.organicn sativa-dominant strain with strong lime aromas.pre-roll110singles to triplesy
pure sunfarmsblue dream pre-rolls10 x 0.3 g19.99sativa316.40.0171039189a west coast cultivar, blue dream is a fruity cross of blueberry and haze grown in the modern pure sunfarms greenhouse in the fraser valley. it presents flavours of blueberry, lemon, and forest pine. conveniently portioned for single-use sessions and presented in a reusable tin. featuring natural paper, each joint is finished with a twisted end, preventing spillage, and acting as a convenient wick.all-natural 10-pack of 0.3g pre-rolls made with bc-grown whole flower.pre-roll120multi-packsn
good supplyjean guy pre-rolls10 x 0.35 g18.99sativa3.525.410.7523newcanada’s classic sativa-dominant strain delivers a medley of citrus, lemon, and pine that’s worthy of its own heritage minute. top terpenes include carophyllene, bisabolol, and nerolidol.10-pack of sativa-dominant, 0.35g pre-rolls with citrus, lemon, and pine notes.pre-roll120multi-packsn
color cannabisghost train haze pre-rolls10 x 0.35 g21.99sativa3.525.20.06151033406ghost train haze has a sweet and piney aroma, with notes of earth and pepper from its terpene profile of beta-caryophyllene, beta-pinene, and terpinolene. this sativa-dominant strain has thick, dense buds blanketed in crystal-capped trichomes. this pack of 10 0.35g pre-rolls is made with gently milled flower, not trim or shake.pack of 10 0.35g pre-rolls with sweet and piney aromapre-roll120multi-packsn
color cannabispedro's sweet sativa pre-rolls10 x 0.35 g21.99sativa3.521.90.0491033398pedro's sweet sativa is a canadian-bred cross of a dominican sativa with white russian and an unknown indica. the result is a sativa-dominant hybrid that produces large, airy flowers with high-thc content and a unique terpene profile of humulene, pinene, caryophyllene, and myrcene.high-thc, sativa-dominant hybrid.pre-roll120multi-packsn
color cannabismango haze pre-rolls10 x 0.35 g21.99sativa3.5812.8171035500mango haze pre-rolls are a sativa-dominant, high-cbd strain from northern lights lineage, which is a cross of northern lights #5, skunk, and haze that creates a fruity variety. mango haze exhibits a distinctive mango aroma coupled with spicy, sour undertones. the flowers are dark green, resinous, and dense with bright orange pistils. these pack of ten 0.35g pre-rolls contains a balanced amount of thc and cbd.high-cbd pre-rolls with mango aromas and spicy, sour notes.pre-roll120multi-packsn
good budstimewarp pre-rolls7 x 0.5 g25.99sativa3.523.680.9511neworiginating from our neighbouring gulf island, texada, timewarp is a true celebration of ocean-grown bc bud. this sativa-leaning, bc heirloom strain hits you with a sweet and sour lemon flavour, coupled with a hint of pine. timewarp buds are sungrown outdoors in living organic soils on salt spring island. they're hang dried for 14+ days to best preserve terpenes and flavour. rolled in organic unbleached cones and finished by of bc-grown, sativa-leaning pre-rolls with sweet and sour lemon flavour.pre-roll120multi-packsy
bc doobieswhite chocolate pre-rolls10 x 0.5 g29.99sativa530.480.0246newwhite chocolate, bred by sin city seeds and grown by pineapple buds in the bc interior, is a heavy-hitting, sativa-dominant strain. this potent cross of chocolope and white moonshine offers a wide range of flavours, with earth, spice, melon, and cherry easing into a rich chocolate finish. top terpenes of caryophyllene, selinadienes, and limonene. the buds are dark and light green with purple highlights and a healthy coasting of frosty trichomes.10-pack of high-thc, sativa-dominant pre-rolls with earth, spice, melon, cherry, and chocolate notes.pre-roll120multi-packsn
homesteadbangtail variety pack pre-rolls60 x 0.5 g129.99sativa3027.10.49351062629looking to stock up on pre-rolls? we got you! this bangtail pack contains 30 x 1g pre-rolls, ready to consume for your convenience. the flower used in the bangtail pre-rolls will featuring rotating selection of well-known cultivars and one-off trial batches. all flower used in these pre-rolls will be organically grown, hand trimmed, and hang dried.30-pack of 1g pre-rolls from a rotating selection.pre-roll125mega-packsynone
soarcitrus cyclone infused blunt1 g18.99sativa136.50.111newcitrus cyclone is a potent combination of premium cannabis oil and flavours of sweet and creamy orange with hints of lemon and strawberry. this 1g, kief-coated infused blunt from soar’s citrus collection is potent and aromatic. ground from small batch, hang-dried whole flower, this classic cone-style blunt is finished with a dutch crown for an elevated experience and smooth, even burn.1g, kief-coated infused blunt offering sweet, creamy orange flavours with hints of lemon and strawberry.pre-roll140infusedn
boxhotmega fattie guava stardawg infused blunt1 x 3 g37.99sativa3320.471062186boxhot presents: guava stardawg mega fatties. this large 3g blunt is loaded with +30% thc, +5% terpenes, and mouth-watering flavours. the guava, pineapple, coconut, and kush supernova is stuffed in chamomile wraps full of flower infused with some of the highest quality distillate and terpenes on the market. top terpenes include myrcene, caryophyllene, and nerolidol.3g blunt with +30% thc, +5% terpenes, and tropical-kush flavours.pre-roll150bluntsnnone
1964organic cherry ak pre-rolls1 x 1 g11.99hybrid125.60.49161053644organic cherry ak is a unique phenotype of the classic ak-47. this cultivar has earthy, piney aromas with notes of sweet cherry that give this genetic its name. all 1964 pre-rolls are made from single-strain, whole buds, milled to perfection before it's rolled, and hand-finished for a consistent hybrid, one-gram pre-roll with notes of sweet cherry.pre-roll110singles to triplesy
tantalus labscbd cannatonic pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g12.99hybrid1.50.6615.541010487with exceptionally high-cbd content and close to zero thc, this sungrown strain has been long-flowered into lime green, sticky flowers. its floral aroma features a lemony sweetness with undertones of earthy cedar box and spice. a cbd-rich haze is a parent strain.high-cbd, bc sungrown flower with sweet floral flavours and spicy undertones.pre-roll110singles to triplesnnone
victoria cannabis companyhash plant pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g15.99hybrid1.526.180.0821062904one of the building blocks of modern cannabis, sensi seeds hash plant is a descendant of the legendary hash making cultivars from the famous hindu kush. this distinct resinous flower bursts with aromas of freshly packed traditional hash. top terpenes include myrcene, caryophyllene, and nerolidol.three-pack of high-thc, indica-dominant pre-rolls with traditional hash aromas.pre-roll110singles to triplesnnone
organnicraftmiss kim pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g15.99hybrid1.522.850.0912newintroducing miss kim, boasting high thc (22-28%) and a unique terpene profile led by a jaw-dropping 2% terpinolene and well over 4% total terps. when you first crack the bag, heavy floral notes followed by citrus zest and a long-lasting stench of fuel fill the room and overcome any other smell. the buds have a spongy, perfectly cured consistency with light green and purple colouration.two hybrid, 0.75g pre-rolls with floral, citrus, and fuel notes.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
simply barebc organic white rainbow pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g21.99hybrid1.5250.49781062159introducing bc organic white rainbow, simply bare’s newest fvopa organic certified pot of gold. this colourful hybrid is a rare cross of fish scales x apples and bananas with aromas of floral, gas, and soap. top terpenes include limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool. the buds on this plant are a reflective array of colours like green and purple with pink hues and doused in white frost. grown in living soil, hang dried for 14 days, cold cured, and non-irradiated.three fvopa organic certified, high-thc, hybrid pre-rolls with aromas of floral, gas, and soap.pre-roll110singles to triplesy
bc blackblueberry frost5 x 0.5 g19.99hybrid2.530.940.91271060433this frosty purple hybrid is a cross of blueberry syrup and permafrost bred in the shuswap region of bc by an unnamed legacy cultivator. blueberry syrup bred by social genetics (a cross of blueberry and humble pie) is crossed with permafrost bred by rogue buds (a cross of trainwreck and white widow) to create blueberry frost. this cultivar showcases beautiful trichome density on every surface and has a beautiful lilac colour. the nose is sweet like fresh blueberries with mellow earth notes with a sharper gas finish.0pre-roll120multi-packsn
pure sunfarmscbd dream straight cuts5 x 0.7 g24.99hybrid3.55.89.9121059419a standard straight cut pre-roll, packed with 0.7g of quality bc bud. no trim. no shake. each 5-pack features 3.5g of coarsely ground cbd dream; a blend of blue dream and pure sun cbd with sweet and uplifting aromas. rolled straight. burns slow. made to savour. featuring unbleached, biodegradable paper and an all-natural filter, cbd dream straight cuts are finished with an open-ended tip. packaged in a protective and recyclable carton.five-pack of 0.7g pre-rolls blending blue dream and pure sun cbd strains.pre-roll120multi-packsn
good budsgluerangutan pre-rolls7 x 0.5 g25.99hybrid3.535.940.1161042498true to its name, gluerangutan is some sticky island dank. a good buds exclusive, this organic hybrid is a harambe backcross (og kush x gg4 x hash plant) that flourishes on ocean-kissed, fvopa-certified organic salt spring island farm. gluerangutan is bursting with sweet and sour orange-lemon zest aromas, with gassy undertones and a fresh mountain pine finish. good buds is a family-owned and operated lp from salt spring island, bc.7-pack of half gram pre-rolls bursting with sweet and sour orange-lemon zest aromas.pre-roll120multi-packsy
redecanredees 1:1 cbd kush pre-rolls10 x 0.4 g18.99hybrid47.313141062384cbd kush is a unique balanced mix of indica and sativa genetics into a stable strain that pushes its cbd values high, if not higher than its thc values. this wonderful strain is produced through selective breeding of kush strains with high-cbd strains and stabilizing key genetic attributes. this strain boasts a terpene profile that is dominated by myrcene and gives a peppery, woodsy, and citrusy aroma that finishes with a crisp distinctness.10-pack of 0.4g, 1:1 cbd kush pre-rolls with a peppery, woodsy, and citrusy aroma.pre-roll120multi-packsn
redecanredees glueberry og pre-rolls10 x 0.4 g21.99hybrid4210311062383the original cannabis straight roll pre-roll, redees are perfectly packed at 0.4g per pre-roll and come in a 10-pack that’s redee to be enjoyed. redecan glueberry og is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain with high levels of myrcene, caryophyllene, and farnesene, exuding a sweet, fruity, and earthy aroma.10-pack of hybrid, 0.4g pre-rolls with a sweet, fruity, and earthy aroma.pre-roll120multi-packsnnone
redecanredees wappa pre-rolls10 x 0.4 g21.99hybrid417.70231039676redees by redecan are an unparalleled pre-roll experience. thoughtfully designed in a unique straight-roll, redees are personal sized at 0.4g and come in a 10-pack that’s compact and convenient. standing firm at a moderate height and with a stocky build, redecan wappa is an indica dominant strain, characterized by its large, densely packed flowers with a broad base and tapered, pointed tip.indica-dominant, unique straight rolls, sealed in a 10-pack.pre-roll120multi-packsn
divvyflo pre-rolls12 x 0.35 g23.99hybrid4.221.650.0881034446flo-pre-rolls by divvy are a pack of 12 sativa-dominant, high-thc pre-rolls with flavours of sweet citrus and earthy hints of pine with a scent of bananas. it owes its ripe aroma to its unique terpene profile dominated by terpinolene, and rounded out by myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene.pack of 12 high-thc, sativa-dominant pre-rolls with sweet citrus notes.pre-roll120multi-packsnnone
bc doobiesroyal gorilla10 x 0.5 g29.99hybrid526.790.53131062423royal gorilla is a cannabis cup winning descendent of sour dub, chem sis, and chocolate diesel. this legendary strain was created when a chem sis plant hermied and pollinated a sour dub x chocolate diesel plant. this heavy indica-dominant offering has delightfully superb earthy and sweet tones, complimented with additional notes of citrus and pine. the flowers are lime green, frosty and resinous.0pre-roll120multi-packsn
beurre blanc.roule infuse water hash infused pre-roll1 g19.99hybrid130.290.0821062107beurre blanc.'s official foray into pre-rolls with their premium roulé infusé ceramic tip water hash infused pre-roll. optimal draw, potent pulls, and features a ceramic tip creating a great way to experience infused cannabis that’s reusable for the next session. handcrafted by an experienced and dedicated team of five legacy hashmakers in a state-of-the-art facility, beurre blanc. roulé infusé water hash infused pre-roll showcases convenient craftsmanship with an ice water hash process focused on extracting the full potential of a single cultivar and amplifying its whole dried flower counterpart in the heart of each roulé infusé.strain-specific, ice water hash infused pre-roll with whole dried flower from the same cultivar.pre-roll140infusednnone
1964blunt pre-roll1 x 1 g13.99hybrid128.50.49241058429the 1964 blunt will feature a rotating selection the best 1964 cultivars. the blunt wraps used in this product are tobacco-free and were chosen for their delicious flavour, smooth smoke, and even burn. each blunt contains 1g of whole flower (no shake or trim), that is milled to perfection before it's added to the blunt. all flower used in the blunt is grown in organic living soil, hang dried for 14 days, cold cured, and non-irradiated.hybrid pre-roll featuring a rotating selection the best 1964 cultivars.pre-roll150bluntsynone
bc cannabis inc.blueberry sweet gas pre rolls5 x 0.5 g19.99indica2.521.980.0791062994this hard to come by, exclusively sourced genetic of unique heritage features a sweet and gassy aroma reminiscent of the ak-47 crosses of mexican, columbian, thai, and afghani matched with the uniquely distinguishable blueberry kush. blueberry sweet gas tastes exactly how it sounds, like sweet berries and sour, skunky diesel. the aroma is very earthy and spicy with a dank diesel overtone that's accented by sweet summer, fresh-picked blueberries with dominant terpenes including myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. after harvest, the flowers are hung dried, rolled in organic cones and hand finished, with artisanal legacy cure methods to provide a superior cannabis experience.five-pack of indica-dominant pre-rolls with sweet berry and skunky diesel flavour.pre-roll100pre-rollnnone
truro cannabistrue og pre-rolls1 x 0.5 g5.35indica0.534.60.08121050640truro true og is a unique indica-dominant hybrid of true og and kush mints 11. this combination results in an earthy, sweet, and citrus aroma. terpenes include beta-myrcene, cymene, and limonene. true og was proudly grown on the east coast in truro, nova scotia, where each bud is carefully cultivated, hang-dried, hand-trimmed, and slow-cured. only flower and no trim are used in half-gram pre-roll that's a high-thc, indica-dominant hybrid with an earthy, sweet citrus aroma.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
truro cannabiswedding mint pre-rolls1 x 0.5 g5.35indica0.533.330.08211050632truro wedding mint is a high-thc, indica-dominant hybrid of wedding cake and kush mints 11. this combination results in a citrus, sweet, earthy, and peppery profile with beautiful frosty buds. dominant in limonene, beta-caryophyllene, linalool, guaiol, and alpha-humulene terpenes. wedding mint is grown on the east coast in truro, nova scotia in a state-of-the-art production facility, where each bud is carefully cultivated, hang-dried, hand-trimmed, slow-cured, and rolled into pre-rolls with only flower and no half-gram pre-roll that's a high-thc, indica-dominant hybrid with a citrus, sweet, earthy aroma.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
station housenorthern lights pre-roll1 x 0.5 g5.35indica0.527.550.07221062491this classic strain has a pungent and spicy aroma with pinene, terpinolene, and limonene terpenes. this powerful cultivar is distinguished by dense buds blanketed in white, crystal-capped trichomes.single 0.5g, hybrid pre-roll with a pungent and spicy aroma.pre-roll110singles to triplesnnone
good budspink cake pre-rolls2 x 0.5 g8.99indica123.010.13241051440pink cake can best be described as an elevated pink kush. this good buds original cross of pink kush, wedding cake, and bowser #24 slaps like a pink kush, with the gassy, pine, and floral overtones that pink kush aficionados have come to know and love. the wedding cake brings some welcome complexity into the mix. sweet citrus dough overpowers any earthiness or pepperiness for a soft, delicious dessert pink kush with zesty tangerine undertones. an indica-leaning hybrid, pink cake is grown exclusively with a dominant terpene profile of linalool, limonene, and caryophyllene.two high-thc, indica-leaning hybrid pre-rolls with notes of sweet citrus dough.pre-roll110singles to triplesy
simply barebc organic duct tape pre-roll1 x 1 g14.99indica126.10.5531050251bc organic duct tape is straight from the greenhouse in delta, bc. this fvopa organic certified cultivar is a cross of the legendary original glue and do-si-dos cultivars. the orange pistils and shades of bright green are hard to see in a bud so drenched in trichomes, but the aromas of gas, pine and chocolate are too loud to ignore. terpene profile consisting of caryophyllene, farnesene, and limonene. grown in our living soil, hang-dried for 14 days, and cold curred. this is a high-thc, indica-dominant, 1g pre-roll.high-thc, indica-dominant, 1g pre-roll with aromas of gas, pine and chocolate.pre-roll110singles to triplesy
primopurple kush pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g9.99indica1.521.080311063232primo’s purple kush pre-rolls are made with all bud, no shake. purple kush is a coastal relative of the legendary og kush. a sweet and spicy aroma carries a flowery diesel overtone backed by a punch of black pepper. this dank bud was named one of the top 10 most powerful strains in the world by high times magazine. experience convenience and quality with primo's pre-rolls.three-pack of indica-dominant pre-rolls offering a sweet and spicy aroma with a flowery diesel overtone.pre-roll110singles to triplesnnone
sheeesh!mendo breath pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g14.99indica1.528.080.0661050160pre-rolls made from a hand-selected strain notable for its exceptional flavours. top terpenes are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. every product contains a single strain, with each product clearly labelled so you know what you're getting. all pre-rolls are filled with flower only - no shake, stems or sticks. aimed to replicate the "craft" without charging artisanal prices.three high-thc, indica-dominant, half-gram pre-rolls.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
all nationsmac daddy pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g15.99indica1.528.680.0511048743a cross between the popular miracle alien cookies and the sweet and flavourful granddaddy purple. this indica leaning strain produces large, dense, trichome rich buds, with pungent notes of citrus, pepper, and pine. a distinct attribute of this phenotype is its deep purple colouration. produced on stó:lo traditional territory, weaving indigenous practices with craft cultivation methods.pungent notes of citrus, pepper, and pine.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
all nationspeanut butter breath pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g15.99indica1.522.070.0441055094peanut butter breath is a cross between do-si-dos and mendo breath. this aromatic strain gives off a nutty and earthy aroma with rich herbal overtones. top terpenes include limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and beta-pinene. the buds have a dark green and violet colour with deep orange pistils and a frosty coating of crystal trichomes. produced on stó:lo traditional territory, weaving indigenous values with craft cultivation methods.pack of three high-thc, indica-dominant, half-gram pre-rolls with a nutty, earthy aroma.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
general admissiontiger blood distillate infused pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g24.99indica1.535.820.18261062516tiger blood distillate infused pre-roll is a tropical summertime favourite that’s bursting with aromatic watermelon, sweet strawberry, and a smooth hit of coconut. dominant terpene profile of caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.three-pack of distillate-infused pre-rolls with notes of watermelon, strawberry, and coconut.pre-roll110singles to triplesn
living cannabistriple og5 x 0.5g19.99indica2.528.411.31191062082triple og, grown by living cannabis and bred by exotic genetix, is a strong kush originating from florida. this heavy-hitting indica-dominant gets its name from its triangle kush, constantine kush, and master yoda lineage. triple og has healthy green hues speckled with milky trichomes and interspersed with burnt orange pistils. with a nose of skunk, earth, and pine, this cultivar has been a favourite of bc connoisseurs. top terpenes include myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene.five-pack of high-thc, indica-dominant, pre-rolls with a skunk, earth, and pine nose.pre-roll120multi-packsy
pure sunfarmspink kush pre-rolls10 x 0.3 g20.99indica320.6023newall-natural 10-pack of 0.3 g pre-rolls made with bc-grown whole indica flower. no trim. no shake. the pure sunfarms cut of pink kush, originally from vancouver island, showcases gassy aromas of white pepper, orange, butterscotch, coffee, earth, and grapefruit. conveniently portioned and presented in a reusable tin. featuring natural paper, each joint is finished with a twisted end, preventing spillage, and acting as a convenient wick.10-pack of 0.3 g pre-rolls made with bc-grown whole indica flower.pre-roll120multi-packsn
back fortywedding pie pre-rolls10 x 0.35 g19.99indica3.531.50.03151037456wedding pie is an indica-dominant strain grown with organic practices in an advanced hybrid greenhouse. the consistent, even burning 0.35g machine-rolled slim joint are rolled for enhanced airflow and flavour. back forty 40s wedding pie pre-rolls feature a 2.94% total terpene content and a spicy, cracked pepper profile.indica-dominant strain with a spicy, cracked pepper profile.pre-roll120multi-packsn
color cannabisblueberry seagal pre-rolls10 x 0.35 g21.99indica3.528.30.0771037654blueberry seagal is an indica-dominant hybrid, hand-selected by color’s brilliant phenotype their pre-rolls are packed with gently milled flower, not trim or shake, to ensure each joint contains the freshest and most flavourful cannabis possible. blueberry seagal hits the nose with notes of berry and pepper from naturally occurring terpenes; beta-caryophyllene and nerolidol. each unit comes with single session size joints, weighing 0.35g each now available in a 10 pack size.indica-dominant hybrid pre-rolls in a 10-pack size.pre-roll120multi-packsn
simply bareisland pink kush rosin infused pre-roll1 x 0.5 g10.99indica0.542.570.19111062838simply bare’s organic rosin pre-roll is here. organic flower and hash rosin is packed perfectly into a half-gram pre-roll. this high potency infused pre-roll boasts intense flavours as the flower and rosin are expertly crafted together resulting in an extremely terpene-forward experience of caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. this joint starts with sun-grown flower, hand trimmed, milled then mixed carefully with the organic hash rosin and finished off by, indica-dominant, rosin-infused pre-roll with a strong terpene-forward flavour.pre-roll140infusedynone
vortexafghan black hash infused pre-roll1 x 1 g13.99indica136.20.11511058775vortex afghan black hash infused pre-roll is made using a 50/50 blend of potent single-strain flower, and vortex afghan black hash. like the hash, this pre-roll is heavy-hitting, smooth burning, and dank.1g pre-roll infused with vortex afghan black hash.pre-roll140infusedn
general admissionblue rocket distillate infused pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g24.99indica1.535.960.56191062517sourced from quality, whole flower cultivars, infused with their signature distillate and dusted in premium kief. blue rocket distillate infused pre-rolls deliver the fun and fruity aromatic punch you expect from this electric flavour. dive into this unique and full-bodied berry flavour with a bright and sweet finish. dominant terpenes of limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene.three indica-dominant, distillate-infused pre-rolls with fruity berry flavour.pre-roll140infusedn
general admissionwatermelon splash distillate infused pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g24.99indica1.534.280.71301062514sourced from quality, whole flower cultivars, infused with their signature distillate and dusted in premium kief. general admission watermelon splash distillate infused pre-rolls will make you question if you’ve ever truly tasted watermelon. sweet, fragrant, and smells like you’ve carved a whole patch of watermelons. dominant terpenes of caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.three indica-dominant, distillate-infused pre-rolls with sweet watermelon flavour.pre-roll140infusedn
uncle bobbig orange (purple gelato) blunt1 x 1 g13.99indica128.670.06111062398introducing uncle bob's big orange blunt, a 1g blunt wrapped their signature uncle bob orange colour. this indica-leaning blunt is rolled using the sweet and floral purple gelato strain, which is a cross between sunset sherbet and thin mint gsc. produced on stó:lō traditional territory, weaving indigenous values with craft cultivation methods.single 1g, indica-dominant blunt rolled using the sweet and floral purple gelato strain.pre-roll150bluntsnnone
1964heavy hitter lebanese hash infused pre-roll1 x 1 g16.99blend135.720.05161058395the heavy hitter flower and lebanese hash infused pre-roll combines the high-potency lebanese hash with some of our most popular organic flowers resulting in a smooth smoke.heavy-hitting flower infused with lebanese hash rolled into a 1g pre-roll.pre-roll140infusedy
general admissionpeach ringz distillate infused pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g24.99blend1.538.70.59261046382sourced from quality whole-flower cultivars, infused with signature distillate and dusted in premium kief, this is not just any squish in a stick. general admission peach ringz distillate infused joints give you a sticky sweet and all-around sour pre-roll experience.infused pre-rolls with cross of marionberry x eddy og.pre-roll140infusedn
general admissionmango high chew distillate infused pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g24.99blend1.537.720.68171058262all the flavour with none of the pit - mango high chew brings big hits of mango with a subtle creaminess on exhale. top terpenes myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. everything mango should be, with none of the clean up.pack of three infused pre-rolls with big mango flavour.pre-roll140infusedn
general admissiontaster pack infused pre-rolls3 x 0.5 g25.99blend636.850.5151048354an infusion of top-notch flavour that's not only bold, but balanced. individually hand-rolled, distillate is infused carefully for optimal flavour and maximum potency in each 0.5g pre-roll.pack of three, half-gram infused pre-rolls.pre-roll140infusednnone
buddy homburginfused cannagar with cbg1 x 2 g29.99blend216.610.9281046713begins with 20% thc flower that is then infused with cbg, cbd, & additional terpenes. the final product delivers an elevated smoking experience with 600mg of total cannabinoids (300mg thc, 200mg cbd,100mg cbg) and 5% terpenes per 2g unit. rolled using a hemp wrap and completed with a corn husk filter to provide a smooth smoking experience. smoking time averages between 20 and 25 minutes.ultra-smooth smoking experience.pre-roll150bluntsn
boxhottrifecta of exotic blunt smoking power3 x 1 g42.99blend3330.05121063073want to sample the whole boxhot exotic fatties buffet? try all three of these succulent 1g infused pre-rolls in this tropical multi-pack guava stardawg, tropicana banana, and mango vortex! all boxhot fattles feature over 30% thc and over 5% terpenes. all boxhot fatties are produced with high-quality infused flower in chamomile wraps.multipack of three infused pre-rolls containing guava stardawg, tropicana banana, and mango vortex.pre-roll150bluntsn