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house of terpenesginger mule ginger beer & lime236 ml3.99blend3.41004761050731 mule features flavours of ginger beer, lime, and curcurmene. serve poured over lots of crushed ice with a lime wedge to garnish.ginger beer and lime-flavoured beverage with 10mg thc per can.thc900beverages
thc kissdragon mango guava shot30 ml4.99sativa3010021060441 newest thc kiss shot combines two classic shot flavours. the thc kiss dragon's kiss tropical flavour shot perfectly blends mango and guava into a 30ml bottle of heavenly fruit flavours. in a resealable 30ml bottle, this full-spectrum beverage contains 10mg of thc with a quick onset flavoured shot containing 10mg thc.thc900beverages
thc kissokanagan peach shot30 ml4.99sativa30100461062918 kiss is turning over a new leaf! now made using only locally sourced ingredients, okanagan peach promises to provide that same quality, in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. this full-spectrum beverage is made by infusing whole bud cannabis (grown in their facility in kelowna, bc) directly into these fresh, locally sourced okanagan ingredients, no harsh chemical extraction, no concentrates. all this freshness is packaged in a resealable, child-proof, recyclable glass bottle.okanagan peach-flavoured 30ml shot with 10mg thc.thc900beverages
bubble kushroot beer355 ml5.35blend355100261062074 eye-catching diamonds are out of this world. created from legendary vancouver island pink kush, long been known for its flavour and potency. this concentrated indica dominant hybrid offers distinct aromas of white pepper, orange, butterscotch, coffee, and earth.root beer-flavoured carbonated beverage with 10mg thc.thc900beverages
bubble kushorange355 ml5.35blend3550.10541062073 kush’s fizzyologist has really crushed it this time with this delicious orange soda with 10mg thc. best served ice cold. feel the carbonated beverage with 10mg thc.thc900beverages
mollomollo 10355 ml5.49blend355100281061068 10mg thc and 10mg cbg beverage offering a classic, crisp malt flavour.crisp malt-flavoured beverage with 10mg thc and 10mg cbg.thc900beverages
molloorchard cbg chill'r355 ml5.99blend355100541062751 and refreshing apple cider with 10mg thc and 10mg cbg. best served in a chilled glass over ice.crisp apple cider with 10mg thc and 10mg cbg.thc900beverages
tgodripple dissolvable thc powder0.45 g5.99blend0.45100171018662 dissolvable thc cannabis is a powder drink mix that can be used to infuse your food or beverage. each package is individually sealed and has no cannabis aroma or added flavour. tgod infusers are a water soluble formulation that absorbs into the bloodstream via membranes in the mouth and small intestine. tgod's proprietary technology has created a micro-sized cannabinoid droplet that allows the thc to be 4.5 times more bioavailable than cannabis oil, so consumers may feel effects within 15 minutes.dissolvable flavourless powder mix with 10mg thc.thc900beverages
sweet justiceog cola355 ml5.99blend3553.5071035690 cola is a carbonated drink made with real sugar, natural cola flavours, and infused with 3.5mg thc.natural cola flavoured carbonated drink with 3.5mg of thc.thc900beverages
emprise in paradiseover it coffee15 g6.49blend15100841053198 in paradise over it organic coffee delivers a fast-acting 10mg of thc in an easy pour-over filter. just pour hot water in the top of your favorite mug for a perfect cup every time with no machine needed. fresh, locally roasted in calgary alberta at a certified organic roastery. emprise in paradise coffee is shade grown and harvested and sorted by hand at the farm. a vibrant, lively bodied organic coffee with bold coffee with 10mg thc in an easy pour-over filter.thc900beverages
emprise in paradisesalted caramel hot chocolate15 g6.49blend15100261052299 in paradise organic vegan salted caramel hot chocolate a rapid-acting 10mg thc-dominant product. open sachet along indicated line, pour dry contents of vegan, organic, salted caramel hot chocolate into a 12-16oz cup, then add a cup of boiled or heated milk or milk alternative, and stir to finish. like it a bit sweeter? top off with whipped cream. option 2: try adding ice or blending with ice for extra sachet of organic, vegan, salted caramel hot chocolate with 10mg thc.thc900beverages
hytn cannabisrosewater lemonade355 ml6.49blend355100281047216 their proprietary elevation technology to emulsify 10mg of thc in every can, hytn’s rosewater lemonade sparkling cannabis beverage is not only all-natural and delicious but also consistent and fast acting. the chef-crafted rosewater lemonade has citrus with floral notes that both intrigue and refresh. crafted with all-natural ingredients, zero sugar, and is always gluten-free.sugar-free rosewater lemonade infused with 10mg of thc.thc900beverages
xmgtropical fruit236 ml6.49blend3.410091049568 fruit beverage with 10mg thc. can be enjoyed straight up, right out of the can.tropical fruit beverage with 10mg thc.thc900beverages
xmg altblack cherry355 ml6.49blend3.410071049600 black cherry flavour beverage with 0g sugar and 0 calories. each can has 10mg thc. can be served straight up, right out of the can.0g sugar and 0 calories, black cherry flavoured beverage with 10mg thc.thc900beverages
xmg+sour green apple kush236 ml6.49blend236100291062460 green apple kush from xmg+ has 10mg thc and 10mg cbg. the sour green apple-flavoured beverage has guarana extract and a fast onset of ~15-20min. serve straight up, right out of the, sour green apple beverage with 10mg thc, 10mg cbg, and guarana.thc900beverages
a1 cannabissummit 10 lemonade iced tea355 ml6.99hybrid100100111026491nonesummit lemonade iced tea is infused with 10mg of thc, without the smell or taste of cannabis. the iced tea combines equal parts of lemonade and iced tea and is lightly sweetened. the bottle comes with a resealable lid. best served chilled.lemonade iced tea with 10mg of thc.thc900beverages
high maintenancecanada high gingerale355 ml6.99hybrid355100671062097nonecanada high gingerale brings canadians the taste they know and love by a brand they trust to deliver exceptional quality at a fair price. canada high gingerale combines the kick of ginger and carbonation with 10mg of thc.ginger-flavoured carbonated beverage infused with 10mg thc.thc900beverages
summitsummit 10 raspberry lemonade355 ml6.99hybrid355100111036508nonenon-carbonated raspberry lemonade made with concentrated raspberry juice and 10mg of thc. the bottle comes with a resealable lid and the drink is best served chilled.non-carbonated raspberry lemonade with 10mg of thc.thc900beverages
teapotgood day lemon black tea355 ml6.99sativa35550.05331062780 only the finest ingredients, teapot lemon black tea is made with real black tea, natural lemon flavours, and infused with 5mg single-origin thc derived from pedro’s sweet sativa cannabis. with only 100 calories per serving, it tastes great and refreshing.made with real black tea, natural lemon flavours, and infused with 5mg thc.thc900beverages
collective projectcbn lemon & ginger iced tea355 ml7.49blend355100151059062 lemon, sweet honey, chamomile tea, and with just a little bit of ginger makes up this delicious beverage. contains 10mg thc and 5mg cbn.fresh lemon, honey, ginger-chamomile tea beverage containing 10mg thc and 5mg cbn..thc900beverages
second naturesenorita355 ml7.49blend5100921048289ñorita is a naturally crafted, margarita-inspired carbonated beverage that walks the tightrope between richness, honesty of flavor, integrity of ingredients, and refinement. señorita is a spicy margarita with the alcohol taken out and 10mg of fast-onset and no-flavor thc put in with just 70 calories per 355ml can. just like the very best margaritas there are only a few simple primary ingredients which include, mexican agave, lime juice, jalapeño, and himalayan salt with 10mg of thc.naturally crafted, spicy margarita-inspired beverage with 10mg thc.thc900beverages
impromptuthc2 space elevator cola330 ml7.99hybrid4.7100101044593 crisp cola-flavoured beverage is naturally sweetened with cane sugar and combines 10mg of thc and 20mg of delta-8 thc.naturally sweetened cola with 10mg thc and 20mg delta-8.thc900beverages
sweet justicecherry cola355 ml7.99blend35510021040484 cola 10 has the classic taste of cola balanced with a twist of natural, juicy cherry flavour. nano-infused with 10mg of thc per beverage.cherry cola with 10mg of thc.thc900beverages
sweet justiceog cola free355 ml7.99blend35510091055375 and tastes just like sweet juice's original, crowd-pleasing favourite og cola, but without the sugar! og cola free is free of sugar and caffeine - yet delivers the same refreshing and full-flavoured taste as their classic og cola, along with a fast-acting dose of 10mg thc.sugar-free, caffeine-free, cola-flavoured beverage with 10mg thc.thc900beverages
sweet justiceog ginger ale355 ml7.99blend35510091062482 ginger ale is a true classic delivering great taste and ultimate refreshment. natural ginger zing with gentle sweetness. made with real sugar and infused with 10mg thc.ginger flavoured beverage infused with 10mg thc.thc900beverages
tgodhappy hibiscus mate tea2 x 5 g14.99blend1010031023654nonetgod infused teas combine the highest-quality teas with a consistent amount of thc and cbd. contains only responsibly sourced whole leaf ingredients, including orange peel, turmeric, hibiscus, ginger, ashwagandha root, green yerba maté, and cacao. packed in a recyclable tin containing two premium biodegradable pyramid sachets with 5mg of thc per teabag.hibiscus mate teabags with 5mg thc per teabag.thc900beverages
swiftnano infused cbd rose black tea1 pc5.99hybrid0.27120461051184nonehigh bioavailability of 20mg of nano-infused cbd in blooming rose-flavoured black tea.rose-flavoured black tea that's nano-infused with 20mg cbd.cbd900beverages
little victorysparkling blood orange 1:1355 ml4.39blend5.12.52.5191049550 sweetened, sparkling blood orange beverage. each bottle has 2.5mg thc and 2.5mg cbd. best served over ice and garnished with a slice of orange.naturally sweetened, sparkling blood orange beverage with 2.5mg thc and 2.5mg cbd.both900beverages
green monketropical citrus sparkling soda350 ml5.99hybrid3501020241062987 tropical citrus flavour is bursting with pineapple, grapefruit, and yuzu notes, and contains 20mg of cbd and 10mg of thc. with a 2:1 ratio of cbd to thc. it comes with a quick onset and higher dose of thc and a double dose of cbd. best served chilled with a slice of lime. 25 calories. 5g sugar. vegan friendly. gluten-free.tropical citrus beverage with 20mg cbd and 10mg thc. 25 calories and 5g sugar.both900beverages
green monkemango guava sparkling soda350 ml5.99hybrid35036291062988 monké mango guava is a delicious and refreshing, infused cannabis cocktail bursting with mango flavour and hints of guava. featuring a 2:1 cbd to thc ratio (6mg of cbd and 3mg of thc per container). with mango guava you have a drink that is sweet, tangy, and highly sessionable. 5g sugar, vegan friendly, and gluten free.vegan mango guava beverage with 6mg cbd and 3mg thc per container.both900beverages
green monkeorange passionfruit sparkling soda350 ml5.99hybrid35036321062989 monké orange passionfruit is delicious with nostalgic orange flavour and 2:1 cbd to thc ratio. 25 calories. 5g sugar. vegan friendly. passionfruit beverage with 6mg cbd and 3mg thc. 25 calories and 5g sugar.both900beverages
collective projectmango pineapple & coconut355 ml6.99blend35555261062750 and classic, this tropical beverage takes on piña colada flavours. mango and pineapple juices mixed with coconut and infused with 5mg thc and 5mg, pineapple, and coconut-flavoured beverage with 5mg thc and 5mg cbd.both900beverages
collective projectblood orange yuzu & vanilla355 ml7.49blend355101011059039 and true. this beverage has big citrusy notes of blood orange and yuzu, blended with vanilla. with citrus terpenes added in to round out the flavourful profile, this one is a winner. made with high quality, fast-acting cannabis emulsion this craft drink is the perfect cannabis beverage.citrus-vanilla flavoured beverage containing 10mg thc and 10mg cbd.both900beverages
sweet justicepacific island punch355 ml7.99blend355105121048602 island punch offers a zesty, south pacific citrus taste that packs a mouth-watering punch of sweet lime, sour orange, sweet mang and passionfruit. crafted with real juice and nano-infused for fast onset with a 1:2 blend of 10mg thc and 5mg cbd to keep you in the flow.a vibrant, zesty, sunshine-laden fruit basket for your tastebuds!citrus taste packed into a mouth-watering punch with tropical flavours. 10mg of thc and 5mg of cbd each.both900beverages
cann social tonicsblood orange cardamom beverage4 x 236 ml16.99hybrid944816371052000 orange cardamom tonic blends bubbly citrus with a herbal twist, and includes 2mg of thc and 4mg of cbd in each can. sourced from only not-from-concentrate blood orange juice from sicily and organic agave nectar from a farm in mexico. bright cardamom flavour is all-natural. a bold, well-rounded delight, blood orange cardamom is zesty and flavourful.four-pack of a blood orange and cardamom flavoured beverage with 2mg thc and 4mg cbd in each can.both900beverages