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endgameastro pink diamonds1 g36.99blend1880.2481043561lowkey got slick and sweet with this dessert strain, apple fritter. a sweet 50/50 hybrid cross of sour apples and animal cookies. a dense, light green with undertones of purple exotic flower covered in trichomes featuring caryophyllene, limonene, and pinene as its main terpenes. delivering a sweet and sour apple taste intertwined with light vanilla and decadent pastry flavours.diamons created from legendary vancouver island pink kush, long been known for its flavour and potency.concentrates660diamondsnone
phantthca diamonds extracts1 g39.99blend187.29051055532phant diamonds are made using flower grown in bc, cut freshly, and processed within two months of harvest. using hydrocarbon extraction, the thca is pulled from the plant and placed in pressure vessels. over three weeks, a combination of heat and cold is then used to crystalize and form the diamonds into a highly pure and clean thca product that can be dabbed or sprinkled as desired.crystalized thca diamonds made from flower grown in bc.concentrates660diamonds
boxhot icehawaiian sativa thca diamonds1 g43.99none189.40.5961047331boxhot presents: hawaiian sativa ice, 5 carats (1.0g) of crystallized thca diamonds, derived from premium live resin, and suited for the experienced user who knows what they want from their cannabis products. they've captured the flavour and essence of the strain with a true, ultimate purity product. fresh frozen whole plant material is taken through an extremely cold and meticulous hydrocarbon extraction process to retain all of the characteristics of the plant.1.0g of crystallized thca diamonds, derived from premium live resin, and suited for the experienced user.concentrates660diamonds
lab theorydiamonds extracts1 g44.99blend187.26041053636lab theory™ diamonds are made from a mix of high-potency thca diamonds and terp sauce made from flavourful apple toffee cultivar. the thca diamonds are blended with the terp sauce to provide a more full-bodied dabbing experience than what you'd get from standalone diamonds.made from combining thca diamonds and terp sauce from flavourful apple toffee cultivar.concentrates660diamondsnone
pura vidaindica honey oil dispenser1 g34.99indica4750.0141032382pura vida’s indica honey oil is carefully extracted from hand-selected indica-dominant flower. the proprietary extraction process allows them to produce a full plant vapeable product, preserving its distinctive sweet vanilla and candy perfume flavours, without the need for back-added terpenes, flavours, or carrier oil.vapeable oil with vanilla aromas.concentrates690distilate
pura vidasativa honey oil dispenser1 g34.99sativa470.70.441032374pura vida’s sativa honey oil is carefully extracted from hand-selected sativa-dominant flower (kali mist). the proprietary extraction process produces a full plant vapeable product, preserving its distinctive flavour, both sweet and spicy, with a subtle citrus finish; without the need for back-added terpenes, flavours or carrier oil resulting in a product that fully embodies the strain. this inhalable extract can be added to dried flower, refillable vapes, or consumed via a dab rig. it has a terpene profile of beta-caryophyllene, bisabolol, and humulene.sativa-dominant inhalable extract with sweet and spicy flavours.concentrates690distilate
good budsclassic island hash1 g15.99blend137.1614.36201051374classic island hash is a blend of our juicy island-grown, hang-dried whole buds, naturally extracted in small batches without the use of chemical solvents. classic island hash is a blend of our juicy island-grown, hang-dried whole buds, naturally extracted in small batches without the use of chemical solvents. concentrates675hashnone
vortex cannabis incafghan black pressed hash2 g24.99indica249.10.0591031350afghan black pressed hash is made from hybrid dried flowers that are sifted and screened before being pressed in the traditional afghan method to create a soft and pliable texture. black on the outside and dark green/brown on the inside, the smoke from this hash is spicy and spicy hash made using traditional afghan method.concentrates675hash
good supplytemple ball hash2 g29.99blend232.140.291062113it’s the new world of old hash with this nepalese-style temple ball hash. hitting 45-50% thc and hand-rolled into a 2g ball with a shiny, dark brown exterior, break it open to experience oozing dank aromatics with a sticky, brownie-like colour and texture.2g nepalese-style hash will dank aromatics.concentrates675hashnone
delta 9sapphire kief2 g21.99hybrid233.020.0413newsapphire is dried sieved cannabis also known as kief, referring to the granular/powdery accumulation of trichome heads, which are the resin glands where cannabinoids and terpenes are found. it's the dry sift process that separates the trichome heads from the plant, minimizing the amount of plant material in the end product. available in a 2g format.dried sieved cannabis (kief) in a 2g format.concentrates625kief
good budsgluerangutan live rosin1 g39.99indica163.40.24141051382gluerangutan is a back-cross of the popular legacy strain harambe (og kush x gg4 x hash plant). it flourishes on the ocean-kissed, fvopa certified organic salt spring island farm. gluerangutan is a hybrid strain bursting with sweet and sour orange-lemon zest aromas, with gassy undertones and a fresh mountain pine finish. the top cut from a 100,000+ pheno hunt, gluerangutan live rosin is squished in small batches from organically grown, fresh frozen hash, exclusively on salt spring island, bc.1g of hybrid live rosin with notes of sweet and sour orange-lemon zest.concentrates622live rosinnone
dabble cannabis co.dabbleberry live rosin1 g51.99hybrid165.780.3171062652dabbleberry live rosin is a high terpene, pale golden cold-cured live rosin made from freshly frozen cowichan valley sungrown blueberry cream. grown, washed, pressed and packaged for you from soil to oil by dabble cannabis co., a bc family farm. dabbleberry has an overwhelming aroma of key lime, with more subtle notes of rosemary and blueberry. flavours of vanilla; a nod to the wedding cake lineage, with a fruity blueberry finish. this live hash rosin is made from the 73-159u trichome heads.high terpene, cold-cured live rosin made from cowichan valley sungrown blueberry creamconcentrates622live rosin
dabble cannabis co.strawberry jam live rosin1 g61.99hybrid160.740.2681062653single source, cold-cure strawberry jam live rosin is nearly white with a slight pink hue. intense wild strawberry aromas flood your nose; with undertones of tangerine, citrus and a dank sourness. flavours of sweet strawberries, herbal and gas. strawberry jam is a dabble cannabis co. cross of strawberry cough x sour diesel x pineapple express named for dabble cannabis co's nana's jam recipe. sungrown cannabis was cultivated, harvested, fresh frozen, washed & pressed for you; bc family farm from soil to oil.single source, cold-cure strawberry jam live rosin is nearly white with a slight pink hue.concentrates622live rosin
san rafael '71og chemdawg resin1 g54.99sativa1700.521027671flash-frozen sativa strain concentrate with retained terpenes and flavours. this method of extraction results in a strong and sticky resin. available in 1g format.sativa-dominant resin in a 1g format.concentrates612resinnone
good buds companyhash rosin0.5 g10.99blend0.566.573.156newsquished exclusively from solventless and live ice hash, good buds hash rosin is a potent and terpy concentrate with a sappy texture. extracted in-house on salt spring island without the use of chemical solvents. from organic buds, grown outdoors on salt spring island, bc. rich with terpenes between 2-5 percent.potent and terpy concentrate with a sappy texture.concentrates620rosin
greybeardkish live resin terp slush1 g61.99indica172.480.2551030519greybeard live resin terp slush is created using htfse (high-terpene full-spectrum extract) and is made from cannabis grown outdoors at the thrive farm. the cannabis is flash-frozen to seal in the cannabinoids and terpenes until they are extracted through hydrocarbon process, resulting in an aromatic and flavourful concentrate. terpenes include carophyllene and myrcene.high-terpene full-spectrum extract live resin.concentrates655sauce
trxfresh tunaaaa dabs1 g28.99blend186.92031035625fresh tunaaaa dabs consists of high-thc distillate, blended with a unique terpene mix, prepared to mimic the terpene profile present in the original cultivar. the distillate has a golden colour and is free of lipids, waxes, and chlorophyll. this highly potent thc distillate has been combined with the terpene profile present in sunday biscotti crossed with fresh water taffy and includes beta-myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. intended for inhalation.potent distillate with sunday biscotti terpenes added.concentrates605shatternone
roiltycatacomb kush & mountain kush shatter pack1 g31.99indica189.470.281062016roilty offers this shatter pack duo of their highest potency bho concentrates, made carefully for optimum terpene to thc ratio. it includes catacomb kush (made from death bubba) and the mountain kush (afghani kush) shatter. with 70%+ thc, this small-batch extract duo-pack offer roilty’s best-selling shatters in one place!shatter duo-pack containing catacomb kush and the mountain kush.concentrates605shatter
phytophyre shatter1 g31.99blend180.380.2471063168phyto is delivering delicacies. this beautifully curated blend is going to set your taste buds on fire as phyto hunted some fire strains to create phyre shatter.shatter vape with a citrus orange flavour.concentrates605shatternone
endgametiger cake x kk mints shatter1 g31.99indica176.430.0912newone of endgame's gassiest shatters yet! the tiger cake x kk mints shatter pairs two deliciously gassy delights together to create a powerhouse. this cross is made from small-batch, indoor-grown fire that pairs well together.indica-dominant shatter with strong gas notes.concentrates605shatternone
radstrawberry alien shatter1 g32.99hybrid179.20.9991040930rad strawberry alien shatter is produced via hydrocarbon extraction to produce a golden and brittle concentrate with aromas of strawberries and cherries. best enjoyed with a dab rig or dab pen.golden and brittle concentrate with aromas of strawberries and cherries.concentrates605shatternone
dymond concentrates 2.0wedding ck shatter1 g32.99hybrid174.120.2471052471wedding ck is a well-balanced hybrid shatter worth celebrating. this dessert-like extract hits the tongue with a sweet vanilla and gas taste, then followed by a smooth exhale. top terpenes include beta-caryophyllene, linalool, and myrcene. this shatter is extracted from 100% premium whole flower and crafted to the highest standard.hybrid shatter with a sweet vanilla and gas taste.concentrates605shatter
wildcard extractsgrapefruit gift shatter1 g37.99hybrid172.20.59131063016grapefruit gift shatter is a cross of grapefruit romulan and god's gift. the glistening golden hue of the shatter, coupled with the enticing citrus rind, tropical spice, and earthy flavor make it an excellent choice for cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate a high-quality concentrate. myrcene leads the charge in the 3.5% overall terpene profile. using a blend of whole flower and sugar leaf allows for the plant's best representation.potent concentrate cross of grapefruit romulan and god's gift.concentrates605shatternone
verse concentratesguava x bc blueberry live sugar diamonds1 g47.99indica165.99041037308meet live sugar diamonds by verse concentrates – from verse's premium line of live extracts focusing on translating the essence of the living plant into the extract itself. this extract is produced through ultra-cold hydrocarbon extraction techniques using fresh-frozen guava x bc blueberry buds. extract artisans transform the product into having a shimmering, jelly-like consistency comprised of a whipped terpene syrup and granular sugar crystals. developed using a method of flash freezing fresh bud.produced through ultra-cold hydrocarbon extraction techniques using fresh-frozen guava x bc blueberry buds.concentrates650sugar