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tidalcoconut lip balm5 g9.99hybrid505071033562nonecoconut tidal lip balm is all-natural and contains 50mg of cbd and moisturizing ingredients like calendula oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter.coconut lip balm with 50mg of cbd.topicals410balms
noon & nightlavender fizz85 g11.99blend851.410021034453 fragrant bath fizz infused with 100mg of cbd extract and lavender. made with lavender flowers and essential oils, noon & night lavender fizz is dissolvable in a warm bath.lavender bath fizz infused with 100mg of cbd extract.topicals450bath products
stewart farmsblue dream bath bomb130 g11.99blend130505091047695 uplifting bath bomb is inspired by the iconic blue dream hybrid strain. harmonizing notes of lavender, lemongrass, black pepper, and sweet orange essential oils. contains moisturizing mango butter.cannabis bath bomb with notes of lavender, lemongrass, black pepper, and sweet orange essential oils.topicals450bath products
stewart farmsbubba kush bath bomb130 g11.99blend1305050141047687 by the timeless strain, bubba kush, this bathing experience is the perfect way to soothe your body and mind after a long day! notes of lavender, white grapefruit, and cassia essential oils. featuring moisturizing mango butter.bath boms with notes of lavender, white grapefruit, and cassia essential oils.topicals450bath products
stewart farmschocolate hashberry bath bomb130 g11.99blend130505061047711noneinspired by the cannabis cultivar, chocolate hashberry, this bath bomb is topped with organic rose petals and will have you falling in love with every inch of yourself! divine notes of palmarosa, chamomile, and copaiba essential oils. contains moisturizing cocoa butter.cannabis bath bomb with notes of palmarosa, chamomile, and copaiba essential oils.topicals450bath products
rebound by stewart farmsseaweed og cbd salt soak125 g12.99blend1251225071047661nonelet the waves of the atlantic ocean wash away your worries with our east coast inspired foaming salt soak! this invigorating and moisturizing formula contains bay of fundy seaweed and eucalyptus essential oil, mineral-rich dead sea salts, and skin-hydrating tremella extract.this cbd salt soak contains bay of fundy seaweed and eucalyptus essential oil.topicals450bath products
nuancecbd grapefruit bath bomb270 g12.99cbd2704.391.421033737 cbd grapefruit bath bomb is infused with 100mg of cbd and made with citrus paradisi (grapefruit) peel essential oil.grapefruit bath bomb infused with 100mg of cbd.topicals450bath products
rebound by stewart farmsturmeric & arnica balm25 g25.99blend2525025031047679's turmeric + arnica recovery balm is a thoughtfully designed blend of ayurvedic botanicals used for centuries in wellness practices. the warming and invigorating formula is quick-absorbing and pocket-sized. featuring a revitalizing blend of wintergreen, eucalyptus, frankincense, and black pepper essential oils as well as turmeric botanical extract.topical cannabis balm with a warming and invigorating blend of essential oils and extracts.topicals410balms
rebound by stewart farmslavender & arnica balm25 g25.99blend25250250111058452 balm featuring a thoughtfully designed blend of therapeutic botanicals. rebound balms are lovingly crafted in small batches and packaged in a reusable 25g tin. one tin contains a balanced and potent blend of 250mg of cbd and 250mg of thc; that's 20mg of balanced cannabinoid per gram of balm! the quick-absorbing, non-greasy, and highly moisturizing formula.plant-based balm containing 250mg of cbd and 250mg thc in a reusable tin.topicals455lip balms
stewart farmsmultipack thc/cbd bath bombs3 x 130 g27.99blend39015015091047737’s better than one bath bomb? three bath bombs! enjoy all three of stewart farms' best-selling bath bombs in a convenient triple pack this year! featuring bubba kush, uplifting blue dream, and chocolate hasberry. handcrafted with pure essential oils and moisturizing mango butter.three best-selling bath bombs in a convenient triple pack.topicals450bath products
hulit botanicalsglow daily facial cream50 g30.99blend500523101042100 daily hydrating facial cream with the added benefit of 450mg of cbd. lightly scented using the highest quailty essential oils available. perfect for application after the glow daily serum or your other preferred serum. made with cbd isolate. glow daily facial cream is a bc indigenous cannabis product.hydrating facial cream with 450mg of cbd.topicals490skin care
hulit botanicalsweekend clay mask50 g30.99blend50035371042118 clay mask for the days when you want to invigorate and renew your skin. designed to clear away impurites and leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and ready for hydration. for use once or twice a week. weekend clay mask is a bc indigenous cannabis product.clay mask with approximately 400mg of cbd.topicals490skin care
transithigh potency alleviating oil30 ml36.99blend6030040071041144 with cannabinoids, this versatile, all-natural oil is an affordable topical. transit alleviating oil is ultra-fast absorbing, non-greasy, and virtually scentless (once applied) for anytime use.ultra-fast absorbing, all-natural oil.topicals420topical oils
meridianall-in-one cream argan oil & vanilla30 g37.99blend30240011034248nonemeridian is a moisturizing cream that is infused with enhanced delivery technology and has a coconut oil base. each gram of cream contains 7mg of thc that is rapidly and systemically absorbed through the skin. meridian is specifically formulated for daily use and it is free of ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, and mineral oil. meridian is scented with organic natural extracts.moisturizing thc cream with coconut oil base.topicals420topical oils
dosecanncbd daily relief cream60 g38.99blend600.011200111034586 daily cbd cream is lightly scented with a natural bamboo-teak aroma and has 1200mg of cbd and 40mg of thc. the rich, non-greasy formula contains ingredients such as meadowfoam seed oilm so it rubs easily onto the skin and is quickly absorbed.bamboo-teak scented cream with 1200mg of cbd and 40mg of thc.topicals430lotions
prooflymuscle balanced 1:1 body cream100 g39.99sativa100250250211032929 body cream with 250mg of thc and 250mg of cbd. menthol provides a cooling sensation and this product also contains natural plant ingredients such as jojoba oil, babbassu oil, and cocoa butter. avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. for topical use body cream with 250mg of thc and 250mg of cbd.topicals430lotions
prooflyfull spectrum cbg + cbd + thc relief cream100 g41.99sativa100250250101062386 body rich cream has a fresh, minty scent and contains a full spectrum of cbg, cbd, thc, and menthol. the cream is formulated with natural plant extracts including jojoba oil, babassu oil, and cocoa butter to hydrate and replenish the skin. avoid contact with eyes. for topical use only.topical cream with full-spectrum cbg, cbd, and thc.topicals430lotions
soleifree unscented topical 75g75g44.99blend750.755041028364 cream with no added flavouring and 425-575mg of cbd.unscented body cream with 425-575mg of cbd.topicals430lotions
liv reliefcbd transdermal cream50 g49.99blend50025091019777nonelivrelief’s creams use a proprietary transdermal technology to penetrate the skin. each tub contains 250mg of cbd. livrelief's transdermal cbd cream is scented using non-cannabis based terpenes, creating a mild, natural scent.topical cream with 250mg of cbd.topicals430lotions
tidalriva+ cbd lotion61 g59.99sativa0040051026590noneriva + cbd lotion is a topical lotion that includes a natural eucalyptus extract that provides a cooling sensation. contains 400mg of cbd per bottle.cbd lotion with natural eucalyptus.topicals430lotions