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good supplypurple monkey pax-era pod0.4 g23.98indica0.476.65031032523smooth, sweet grape flavour in a hard hitting, high-potency thc distillate. plant-based aromas, with beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and nerolidol.pax-era thc distillate pod with fruity grape flavours.cannabis vape820pax podnone
simply barebc organic blue dream pax pod0.5 g47.99sativa0.577.860.2381041086simply bare's sativa-dominant bc organic blue dream pods are extracted from cured, dried flower. crafted in a proprietary blend, the resulting oil is a full expression of the flower, from the blue dream cultivar alone, and is organic certified. simply bare recommends consuming at the optimal temperature to truly appreciate the aromas of blueberries growing wild in their peak summer season with peppery undertones. consult the pax app to find the recommended optimal temperature for this cultivar.proprietary blend of blue dream with aromas of blueberries and pepper.cannabis vape820pax pod
pure sunfarmspennywise 1:1 full spectrum cartridge0.5 g25.99hybrid0.532.5011028950pure sunfarms’ 510 vape cartridges are filled with full-spectrum, single-strain, whole bud extracts. rich in balanced cannabinoids, pennywise 1:1 offers aromas of sweet earth, woody herbs, and fresh cut grass, extracted from the original bc-grown flower, with no additives. with a custom ceramic mouthpiece, and featuring a glass tank and ceramic coil, every component of the cartridge is tested for quality and safety. compatible with 510-thread batteries.full-spectrum extract from single-strain, bc grown cannabis.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
daizemango mercy 510 thread cartridge0.5 g27.97hybrid0.574.940.1791028158daize mango mercy is pure cannabis extract sourced from hybrid cannabis flower. mango mercy cartridges are filled with full spectrum winterized co2 cannabis extract to preserve the plant's flavour and aroma. mango mercy has tropical notes, with light and earthy undertones. these custom cartridges have a high-grade stainless steel mouthpiece, quartz glass chamber, and a thread that is compatible with 510 thread batteries.full spectrum cartridge with tropical notes and earthy undertones.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
greybeardslk live resin vape0.5 g30.99hybrid0.576.430.2421030550greybeard's vape cartridges are made with extract sourced from fresh cannabis grown outdoors at the thrive farm in simcoe, ontario. crops are flash-frozen, suspending the cannabinoids and terpenes until extracted through a proprietary hydrocarbon process. the result is an aromatic and flavourful live resin hybrid. compatible with 510-thread batteries.hybrid cartridge made with extract sourced from fresh cannabis.cannabis vape840live resin
countryside cannabisgrape diamonds live resin pax pod0.5 g39.99hybrid0.575.50111049188made from single source farm fresh frozen grape diamond flower, a phenotype of memberberry from ethos genetics. the grape diamonds live resin pax pod is compatible with pax era, era pro, and era life devices.made from single source farm fresh frozen grape diamond flower.cannabis vape820pax pod
trailblazerflicker cartridge0.5 g27.97indica0.574.30.1221020668trailblazer torches are filled with a highly concentrated co2 extract, formulated with the indica-dominant flicker's bold, fresh aroma profile. compatible with a standard 510-thread battery, trailblazer torches are made with stainless steel components, a ceramic atomizer, high-grade glass, and custom mouthpiece. made with a blend of terpenes, flicker has a grape and blueberry flavour profile.thc-dominant formula with grape and blueberry flavours.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
white nglbanana punch live resin vape cartridge0.5 g29.97indica0.575.730.3741030964whitengl's live resin cartridges contain the original full-spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes of a recognized fresh-frozen indica strain (banana punch). made using a patented hydrocarbon extraction process, the live resin cartridge is compatible with a 510-thread battery.full-spectrum, indica-dominant live resin cart.cannabis vape840live resin
greybeardgmo pure live rosin vape0.5 g32.99indica0.575.470.2511043165this 100% pure live rosin vape is made from ultra-gassy aaaa, fresh-frozen, indoor flower with no fillers, terps or distillates added. indoor flower is grown to peak maturity before being hand-harvested and frozen immediately to lock the intense gassy-ness inside. they concentrate the 45-159 trichome heads through a solventless process before freeze-drying and squishing to rosin in 25 bags, resulting in a high-purity product that exudes gassy rosin vape with gassy notes.cannabis vape840live resin
riffsubway scientist full spectrum cartridge0.5 g34.99indica0.580.710.7181039460full-spectrum subway scientist liquid wax vapes with unique grape and berry aromas and the thc potency of grand daddy purps strain in liquid wax form. it has a higher terpene content and wider cannabinoid retention, compared to distillate in an extract. compatible with a 510-thread battery.full-spectrum liquid wax vape cart.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
48northtrail mix moonlight shadows pax pod0.5 g35.99indica0.575.450.6151026012featuring thc distillate from an outdoor-grown indica, this pax pod has woodsy, grape, and earthy flavours and is intended for use with a pax era device.pax pod with woodsy, grape, and earthy flavours.cannabis vape820pax pod
back fortyorange sunrise vape cartridge0.95 g36.99sativa0.9585051057397back forty's orange sunrise is a sativa-dominant with a terpene blend of limonene, myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, linalool, and terpinolene. boasting a juicy, citrus flavour and aroma that tastes like sweet, creamy orange. compatible with a 510-thread battery.sativa-dominant vape cart with sweet and creamy citrus flavour.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
general admissionmango high chew cartridge0.95 g37.99sativa0.9584.5021055581all the flavour with none of the pit - mango high chew brings big hits of mango with a subtle creaminess on exhale. dominant terpenes include myrcene, humulene, and beta-caryophyllene.indica-dominant vape cartridge with big, juicy mango flavour.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
general admissionpeach ringz vape cartridge0.95 g37.99sativa0.9583.50.22111044932general admission create quality thc distillate infused with botanical terpenes that complement the natural aromas of the strain selection. sativa-dominant peach ringz is a sticky sweet and all-around sour burst of that classic slice of peach. floral notes round out the sugary profile of this favourite strain. compatible with 510-thread batteries.sativa-dominant vape cart with sweet and sour flavours.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
general admissionhoneydew boba prefilled vape cartridge0.95 g37.99blend0.9592.2061044718vape cart with thc distillate infused with botanical terpenes that complement the natural aromas of the strain selection. creamy and sweet notes of fruit and tapioca with a hint of spice, honeydew gives flavours of a slice of melon with a potent little punch upon finish. compatible with 510-thread vape carts.vape cart with sweet notes of fruit and tapioca with a hint of spice.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
back fortysuper lemon haze sativa cartidge1 g37.99sativa180081032341back forty super lemon haze sativa strain has a tangy, citrus burst of flavour with subtle herbal undertones; the main terpenes are limonene and terpinolene. battery and charger not included. 0cannabis vape810vape cartridge
zyrelaunch 1.0 - pineapple punch vape cartridge1 g38.99sativa184.640.2541049345full-spectrum, small-batch crafted pineapple punch flavoured vape. low temp extraction delicately preserves the full-plant profile of our made in bc jack herer, so you max out your vibes from the entourage effect.smooth and delicious pineapple flavour.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
foraymaui wowie sativa cartridge1 g39.99sativa180091035237sativa blend cartridge with caryophyllene as the dominant terpene providing a woody flavour with hints of spice. this high-quality distillate is in a no-leak cartridge system and is calibrated to work best with foray's 510 thread rechargeable battery. battery and charger not included.thc-dominant sativa cartridge with woody, spicy aroma.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
boxhot livehawaiian sativa live resin vape cartridge1 g39.99sativa1800.2551047323boxhot presents: premium hawaiian sativa live resin 1.0 g vapes. these hydrocarbon vapes offer a true-to-flower cannabis experience using sauce that's been meticulously extracted from fresh frozen flower to provide sweet and tropical flavours. flower is harvested when terpenes are at their most fragrant, and is kept frozen through to extraction. the subzero flower is extracted at even colder temperatures to ensure maximum terpene preservation.sativa live resin vape cart with sweet and tropical flavours.cannabis vape840live resin
common groundhash plant cartridge1 g35.99hybrid180.80.22111039478hybrid vape cart with thc, cbd, cbc, and cbg. the hash plant genetic holds a deep, woody aroma with a dash of sweet incense. it has rich, peppery scents with a hint of aged wood. this cartridge has a 510-thread connection.hybrid vape cart with woody and peppery aromas.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
thriftypeach og live resin cartridge1 g36.99hybrid175.80.9121056506peach og liquid live resin cartridge is the ultimate full-spectrum vape that will carry you away with its well-traveled flavour profile. starting off with picking peaches in the okanagan valley to a robust and spicy merlot tasting in the niagara wine region. compatible with a 510-thread battery.full-spectrum, hybrid live resin cart with peach flavour.cannabis vape840live resinnone
loficbd vape 650 cartridge1 g36.99hybrid12.1559.26101040559a 1g vape cartridge filled with lofi's hemp-derived, full-spectrum cbd extract. compatible with 510-thread batteries.full-spectrum cbd vape cart.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
back fortykush mint hybrid cartridge1 g37.99hybrid1800111028919back forty kush mint hybrid strain has a burst of mint with a gentle lemongrass finish; the main terpenes are menthol and limonene. compatiable with a 510 thread.high-thc vape cartridge with mint flavour.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
spinach feelztropical diesel thc + cbg cartridge1 g37.99hybrid1700.541044288spinach feelz™ tropical diesel cbg vape is a new take on award-winning spinach™ diesel, boosted with cbg. features sweet tangerine, citrusy flavour notes and extra tropical goodness.tropical notes abound in this vape cart with thc and cbg.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
kolab project157 series honey blnt (honey bourbon) vape cart1 g45.99hybrid188041057405kolab project's 157 series vape flavour profiles are inspired by nature and influenced by culture to bring you full-flavoured vapes. honey blnt is an indica-leaning hybrid with beta-caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, and humulene as the dominant terpenes. this blunt-inspired vape is a blend of warm spices with sweet honey and vanilla. compatible with a 510-thread battery.blunt-inspired vape with a blend of warm spices, sweet honey, and vanilla flavours.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
spinach feelzblackberry kush cbn (deep dreamz) cart1 g36.99indica1700.5111048313the spinach feelz™ blackberry kush cbn (deep dreamz) vape features a unique blend of 7:1 thc and cbn. linalool, terpinolene, and beta-caryophyllene terpenes fill this vape with delicious, sweet berry-forward vape cart with a unique blend of 7:1 thc and cbn.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
zyrerecline 1.0 - blueberry pie vape cartridge1 g38.99indica183.860.2531049337named recline 1.0 when we kicked back in recliners after lab-testing this full-spectrum, small-batch crafted blueberry pie flavoured vape.smooth and delicious blueberry pie.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
weed mewedding cake 510 thread cartridge1 g39.99indica186.940.25111029321this 510-thread vape cartridge is filled with thc distillate extract with a tangy, peppery flavour.thc distillate with tangy, peppery flavour.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
greybeardazz live resin vape1 g39.99indica172.180.25361049287100% pure live resin made from alien zour zmoothie – with forward notes of caryophyllene, myrcene and humulene, azz is reminiscent of cut flowers and forest floor. light on the palate with her sweet, floral profile, alien zour zmoothie is a sun-grown, single source flower extracted with advanced hydrocarbon process to produce an incredibly pure extract. the result is an aromatic and flavourful live resin.100% pure live resin with forward notes cut flowers and forest floor.cannabis vape840live resin
purefarmaindica moon cartridge1 g39.99indica171.61.171032796purefarma's moon is carefully extracted from hand-selected indica flower. the proprietary extraction process produces a full-plant inhalable product, preserving its distinctive flavour expressions, including hints of peach and floral. universally compatible with any 510-thread battery, battery sold separately.indica cartridge with hints of peach and floral flavours.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
greybeardkish live resin vape1 g43.99indica173.270.2521048578as greybeard harvests, their crop is flash-frozen, suspending the cannabinoids and terpenes until finally extracted through our proprietary hydrocarbon process. the result is an aromatic and flavourful live resin, retaining twice the terpene content vs. co2 extracted dried flower, and allowing them to capture a lush and vivid representation of our beautiful kish trees at the peak of their outdoor bloom. greybeard uses premium avd 510 thread cartridges with a 2.0 aperture to ensure a smooth and consistent resin in premium avd 510 thread cartridges with a 2.0 aperture to ensure a smooth and consistent inhale.cannabis vape840live resin
lamplighterlychee bubble tea cartridge1 g37.99blend182.90.0621043488lychee bubble tea lamplighter has a fruity and smooth flavour. it utilizes a double distillation process, combined with flavouring agents. the custom hardware includes a glass tank, providing pure flavour, no clogging, and limited to no leakage. compatible with 510-thread batteries.vape cart with fruity flavours.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
lamplighterpineapple coconut escape cartridge1 g37.99blend182.84051043637pineapple coconut escape lamplighter tastes like pina colada, it utilizes a double distillation process, combined with high-quality flavouring agents, delivers uncompromising flavour with over 80% thc in each cart. lamplighter's custom hardware includes a glass tank, providing the purest flavour, no clogging, and limited-to-no leakage.double-distilled cannabis oil with the flavour of pina colada.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
thunder spiritpineapple express vape cartridge1 g32.99none182.58031057876thunder spirit pineapple express vape cart is a premium distillate cartridge using only the finest ingredients and components. distilled to the highest standards with hand-held care from the some of the finest sun-kissed flower in the province using the latest bc built technology. true to spirit of one of the classic strains, pineapple express, this cart will not disappoint. compatible with a 510-thread battery.sativa-dominant vape cart with premium pineapple express distillate.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
shred xtropic thunder cartridge1 g35.99hybrid481.60.2414newavailable in the distinct feather 510 vape cartridge, shred x’s tropic thunder 1g vape cartridge takes the citrus flavour of shred’s classic tropic thunder milled flower and packs it into a portable thc vape. made with highly concentrated co2 distillate. compatible with 510-thread batteries.thc distillate vape cart with citrus flavour.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
vortexsingle strain live resin vape cartridge1 g39.99hybrid477.80.1361049501hand-picked, biodynamically-grown flowers are flash frozen and cryogenically extracted with a proprietary blend of organic solvents to produce a potent, full spectrum live resin in a verified vapes 510 ghost full ceramic, threadless cartridge. no added terpenes, flavours or fillers.1g hybrid vape cartridge with full spectrum live resin.cannabis vape840live resin