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spherex labsluxe granola funk pax pod0.5 g29.99hybrid0.583.30.2851048891granola funk is an lto for spherex labs luxe line. bred by bodhi seeds, granola funk crosses gsc with wookie 15. this ripper of a hybrid increases the density and yield of gsc while its flavor profile highlights both parents with hints of funk, grapefruit, gas, and hybrid with a flavor profile highlighting hints of funk, grapefruit, gas, and lavender.cannabis vape820pax podnone
countryside cannabisgrape diamonds live resin pax pod0.5 g39.99hybrid0.575.5071049188made from single source farm fresh frozen grape diamond flower, a phenotype of memberberry from ethos genetics. the grape diamonds live resin pax pod is compatible with pax era, era pro, and era life devices.made from single source farm fresh frozen grape diamond flower.cannabis vape820pax pod
riffsubway scientist full spectrum cart0.5 g27.99indica0.580.710.7141039460full-spectrum subway scientist liquid wax vapes with unique grape and berry aromas and the thc potency of grand daddy purps strain in liquid wax form. it has a higher terpene content and wider cannabinoid retention, compared to distillate in an extract. compatible with a 510-thread battery.full-spectrum liquid wax vape cart.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
48northtrail mix moonlight shadows pax pod0.5 g35.99indica0.575.450.6141026012featuring thc distillate from an outdoor-grown indica, this pax pod has woodsy, grape, and earthy flavours and is intended for use with a pax era device.pax pod with woodsy, grape, and earthy flavours.cannabis vape820pax pod
general admissionpeach ringz cart0.95 g37.99sativa0.9589.922.2151044932general admission create quality thc distillate infused with botanical terpenes that complement the natural aromas of the strain selection. sativa-dominant peach ringz is a sticky sweet and all-around sour burst of that classic slice of peach. floral notes round out the sugary profile of this favourite strain. compatible with 510-thread batteries.sativa-dominant vape cart with sweet and sour flavours.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
high priestessaquarius cbd live resin cart1 g29.99sativa12.161.671062462aquarius live resin vape cart features single-strain blue charlotte and utilizes a small batch bho extraction technique to offer all the benefits found in high-cbd cartridges. top terpenes include limonene, myrcene, and humulene.cbd-dominant, live resin vape with blue raspberry flavour.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
hycyclemove 221 cart1 g33.99sativa133.831.721043942a nicely balanced cartridge for consumers who enjoy a lighter experience. two parts thc, two parts cbd and one part cbg. all in a delicious combination of botanical and cannabis terpenes.balanced cartridge with two parts thc, two parts cbd, and one part cbg.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
jonny chronicacapulco gold cart1 g34.99sativa1900.2541038249acapulco gold by jonny economy is a sativa-dominant strain with 85-91% thc and minimal cbd. made with thc distillate and botanical terpenes, acapulco gold is dominant in caryophyllene, myrcene and terpinolene providing an earthy, herbal aroma. jonny economy cartridges are made by greentank and are compatible with most generic 510-threaded batteries. acapulco gold should be stored in a cool dry place in the upright position when not in use.sativa-dominant cart with 85-91% thc and minimal cbd.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
spinach feelzmango kiwi haze thc+cbc (day trip) cart1 g36.99sativa170081059625spinach feelz™ mango kiwi haze cbc (day trip) 7:1 thc:cbc vape is inspired by the always refreshing and fruity mango haze cultivar, with juicy kiwi flavour notes added to the mix to create a one-of-a-kind vape flavour experience. compatible with a 510-thread battery.sativa-dominant cart with mango-kiwi flavour.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
back fortysuper lemon haze sativa cart1 g37.99sativa180081032341back forty super lemon haze sativa strain has a tangy, citrus burst of flavour with subtle herbal undertones; the main terpenes are limonene and terpinolene. battery and charger not included. 0cannabis vape810vape cartridge
debunk freshsuper sour diesel live resin cart1 g38.99sativa18300.2571062189debunk fresh combines rich live resin sauce derived from fresh frozen nugs through hydrocarbon extraction with high-purity distillate to create the ultimate true-to-plant terp sauce. this heavyweight delivers all the cannabinoids and terpenes you want directly from the plant without compromising on potency, coming in at +80% thc. top terpenes include myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene.1g live resin terp sauce with sour diesel notes.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
kolab projectstrawberry ice sativa cart1 g39.99sativa1850.4981023779kolab's sativa 0.5 vape cartridge has zesty citrus peel, followed by juicy orange notes. finish notes are slightly woody, dry and warm, with citrus peel notes still detectable. this high-quality, thc-dominant distillate from sativa-dominant strawberry ice is in a no-leak cartridge system and is calibrated to work best with kolab's 510 thread rechargeable battery. battery and charger not included.sativa vape cartridge with zesty citrus and juicy orange notes.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
pax erajack herer live rosin blend pax pod1 g53.99sativa1850.59610633801g of fresh-pressed live rosin in a pax pod. this timeless sativa-dominant is named after a tireless cannabis advocate. jack herer is a cross of haze, shiva skunk, and northern lights number 5. it is beloved for its lemony pine aroma and a floral, spicy taste.sativa-dominant, live rosin pod with a lemony pine aroma and a floral, spicy taste.cannabis vape820pax pod
pax erapineapple express live rosin blend pax pod1 g55.99sativa1850.0521062112this legendary cultivar stays true to its island lineage crossing trainwreck and hawaiian. its renowned for its earthy, pine aroma and tropical, citrusy notes. dominant terpenes including caryophyllene, myrcene, and pinene.sativa-dominant, live rosin blend pod with an earthy, pine aroma and tropical, citrusy notes.cannabis vape820pax pod
common groundhash plant cart1 g35.99hybrid181.590.2851039478hybrid vape cart with thc, cbd, cbc, and cbg. the hash plant genetic holds a deep, woody aroma with a dash of sweet incense. it has rich, peppery scents with a hint of aged wood. this cartridge has a 510-thread connection.hybrid vape cart with woody and peppery aromas.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
loficbd 650 cart1 g36.99hybrid12.1559.2611040559a 1g vape cartridge filled with lofi's hemp-derived, full-spectrum cbd extract. compatible with 510-thread batteries.full-spectrum cbd vape cart.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
back fortykush mint hybrid cart1 g37.99hybrid1850121028919back forty kush mint hybrid strain has a burst of mint with a gentle lemongrass finish; the main terpenes are menthol and limonene. compatiable with a 510 thread.high-thc vape cartridge with mint flavour.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
sherbinskispink sherbs live resin cart1 g42.99hybrid175.40.5941062110this 510-threaded vape cartridge has been built specifically for 100% pure live resin oil that was made by blasting fresh frozen flower through a hydrocarbon extraction process. the pink sherbs live resin brings a strong strawberry profile with hints of sweet cream that harken back to its gelato roots. cult-favourite sherbinskis is one of the most revered cannabis brands in the world. sherbinskis originates from the sunset district of san francisco, california where it established itself as a leader in bringing novel genetics, like sunset sherbs, to market.hybrid, live resin cart with creamy strawberry flavour.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
spinach feelzblackberry kush cbn (deep dreamz) cart1 g36.99indica1700121048313the spinach feelz™ blackberry kush cbn (deep dreamz) vape features a unique blend of 7:1 thc and cbn. linalool, terpinolene, and beta-caryophyllene terpenes fill this vape with delicious, sweet berry-forward vape cart with a unique blend of 7:1 thc and cbn.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
forayblackberry cream indica cart1 g39.99indica180061025337foray's indica 1g vape cartridge has fresh, leafy green notes, followed by crisp citrus, and is influenced by the blackberry cream strain. finish is slightly dry and woody with a smooth vanilla sweetness. this distillate is in a no-leak cartridge system and is calibrated to work best with foray's 510 thread rechargeable battery. battery and charger not included.vape cart with fresh, leafy green notes, followed by crisp citrus.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
wildcard extractsplatinum grapes cured resin cart1 g43.99indica178.3011056225platinum grapes cultivar, grown by organnicraft, boasts a sweet-tart, fresh grape flavour with pungent skunk undertones. this cured resin is a beautiful extract true to flower.indica-dominant, cured resin cart with grape flavour.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
wildcard extractsblack triangle cured resin cart1 g43.99indica174.80.0351059369black triangle was the result of a study in extreme possibilities by taking the infamous 90's era triangle kush and crossing its genetics with the insanely dank, dark, and powerful '88 g13 hashplant. black triangle produces an aroma with notes of lemon-citrus, pine, earth, kush, spice, marshmallow, and has overtones of dark roasted coffee. the plants were grown in organic living soil and vegged for three weeks before a lavish 10 weeks of flower under led lights. the terpene profile is straight kush with farnesene, limonene, and myrcene.indica-dominant vape with notes of lemon-citrus, pine, earth, kush, spice, marshmallow, and coffee.cannabis vape840live resin
pax erablueberry og live rosin blend pax pod1 g53.99indica18500.0641063381this indica-dominant is a cross of dj short's blueberry x og kush. tangy, fruity flavours and aromas of berry and cinnamon layer make blueberry og a blue-ribbon cultivar full of tasty goodness. the full-flower live rosin is made from fresh-frozen plants at the peak of harvest and extracted without any harsh chemical solvents — nothing added, nothing removed. this clean process preserves all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes for a high-potency, full-flower experience.indica-dominant, live rosin pod offering tangy, fruity flavours with aromas of berry and cinnamon.cannabis vape820pax pod
glacial goldanytime 1:1 fuzzy mango cart1 g28.99blend142042051063119anytime 1:1 vape has a balanced cbd and thc profile. fuzzy mango features tropical notes of african mangoes and tree fruits. the mild botanical terpenes are naturally derived from plant compounds, nothing artificial, and no additives. glacial gold distillate is processed through a patented closed loop, chilled-alcohol extraction method. cartridges are made with stainless steel components and a ceramic atomizer.balanced cbd and thc vape with tropical notes of african mangoes and tree fruits.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
glacial goldanytime 1:1 berry lemonade cart1 g28.99blend1424251035815this 1:1 berry lemonade is inspired by fresh-picked berries found in bc and citrus terpenes found in cannabis. glacial gold distillate is processed through a patented closed loop, chilled-alcohol extraction method and botanical terpenes, naturally derived from compounds found in nature, are added. compatible with a standard 510-thread battery, these vapes are made with stainless steel components and a ceramic atomizer.vape cart with 1:1 potency and citrus notes.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
boxhotalien og cart1.2 g39.99hybrid1.283.30.2441043371alien og, a 1.2 g 510-threaded vape, features cannabis distillate. it has gas, earthy, and lime flavours on the inhale, and leaves you with fruity pine on the exhale. compatible with button-activated 510 batteries. boxhot vapes are produced using co2 extraction and refining processes, and feature an entourage of expertly infused strain-specific terpenes.vape cart with gas, earthy, and lime flavours.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
glacial goldmax thc cherry k.o. (cherry kola) indica cart1.2 g36.99indica1.2830.19101063122glacial gold max thc cherry k.o. indica 1.2g vapes are loaded with 1000mg of thc, featuring nextleaf’s high-purity distillate and premium ccell heating technology. max thc vapes are offered in three unique botanical blends inspired by authentic west coast strain profiles. known for kickin’ out classics, the west coast delivers cherry k.o. (aka kola), a potent indica-dominant flavour packing big hits of a unique sweet, maraschino cherry that is complimented by subtle hints of earthy kola undertones. dominant terpenes: limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene.1.2g, indica-dominant cart offering sweet, maraschino cherry flavour with earthy kola undertones.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
boxhotmango vortex cart1.2 g39.99indica1.281.10.2491062242boxhot exotic presents: mango vortex, a 1.2g 510-threaded vape boasting a colossal 1000mg of thc and some of the purest cannabis distillate. dive into this cosmic riptide of ripe mango and get carried away by the undertow of floral notes and the sharp diesel finish.indica-dominant, 1.2g cart offering ripe mango flavour with floral and diesel notes.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
boxhotbubba fruit cart1.2 g39.99blend1.283.330111063080boxhot retro presents: bubba fruit, a 1.2g 510-threaded vape boasting a colossal 1000mg of thc made from cannabis distillate. pop this bubba in your mouth and taste the nostalgic burst of fruity flavour with fresh, tropical notes and a hint of pineapple.1.2g cart offering nostalgic fruity and tropical flavour.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
boxhotrocket fuel cart1.2 g39.99blend1.283.330.671063079boxhot retro presents: rocket fuel, a 1.2g 510-threaded vape boasting a colossal 1000mg of thc made from cannabis distillate. fill your tank full of retro summertime flavour with a powerful blue raspberry and cherry blast-off with a hit of bright citrus..2g cart with summertime flavours of blue raspberry, cherry, and citrus.cannabis vape810vape cartridgenone
jonny chronicpurple haze cart1 g34.99sativa4900.9612newpurple haze by jonny economy is an sativa-dominant strain with 88-94% thc and minimal cbd. made with thc distillate and botanical terpenes, purple haze is dominant in caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, and myrcene providing a rich grape aroma. jonny economy cartridges are made by greentank and are compatible with most generic 510- threaded batteries.sativa-dominant, 1g vape cartridge with a rich grape aroma.cannabis vape810vape cartridge
vortexsingle strain live resin cart1 g39.99hybrid478.50.26161049501hand-picked, biodynamically-grown flowers are flash frozen and cryogenically extracted with a proprietary blend of organic solvents to produce a potent, full spectrum live resin in a verified vapes 510 ghost full ceramic, threadless cartridge. no added terpenes, flavours or fillers.1g hybrid vape cartridge with full spectrum live resin.cannabis vape840live resin
great gardender farmsbarbara bud live rosin cart1 g55.99hybrid460.73031050202the barb phenomenon is coming to bc and, for the first time ever, in a 510-thread compatible, live rosin vape cartridge! barbara bud is one of the most iconic hash-making strains in the world. bred in-house by great gardener farms, the barb is a shiskaberry and afghani cross. grown in the sun-drenched cowichan valley, bc, its delivered fresh-frozen from the field allowing to capture the live essence of the plant. terpenes include guaiol, limonene, and selina dienes.iconic hash-making strain in a 1g live rosin vape cartridge.cannabis vape850live rosin